Thesing Joins the 1-800-Sweeper Network

1-800-SWEEPER is a nationwide service network of independently owned power sweeping companies. The organization brings sweeping companies from coast to coast under a unified marketing and service structure. Offering parking lot sweeping, street sweeping and a variety of construction-related sweeping services, 1-800-SWEEPER provides reliable, value oriented sweeping services to a diverse customer base that ranges from nationwide and regional facility management customers and municipalities to local area contractors.

Creating Competitive Advantage for Customers, Member Contractors, and Vendors
1-800-SWEEPER membership started with 21 companies and is poised to grow to 75 companies and beyond with one sweeping service contractor member per market area. The individual members of 1-800-SWEEPER all share in the combined cooperative marketing of the organization through a unified phone number – 1-800-793-3737 (SWEEPER, of course!) – that appears on all members’ vehicles. In addition, members of 1-800-SWEEPER share valuable benefits beyond marketing. The organization combines purchasing power with strategic vendor partners to create a competitive advantage pricing on parts, supplies, equipment, and fuel for members in each of their respective local markets while creating growth opportunities for vendors. Leveraging this combined buying power through this co-op model also reduces customer costs and allows 1-800-SWEEPER to be a truly sustainable solution.

Commitment to Quality and Ethical Standards
All 1-800-SWEEPER contractor members belong to the North American Power Sweeping Association. NAPSA is a national nonprofit trade association committed to promoting and educating the power sweeping community while enhancing the environment. Several 1-800-SWEEPER partner company executives are current or former NAPSA board members.

Meet Our Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of 1-800-SWEEPER consists of industry experts with years of experience fulfilling the sweeping needs of customers nationwide. Our Board members include:

Carl BartonAardvark Sweeping Sweeping Services, LLC / Memphis, TN
Mark CarterBill’s Sweeping Service, Inc. / Orange, CA
Gerry KesselringContract Sweepers & Equipment, Inc. / Columbus, OH
Mike LuchtProgressive Sweeping Contractors, Inc. / Toledo, OH
Doug SauderThesing Power Sweeping, Inc. / Sewell, NJ

Partners You Can Trust
The environmental experts at 1-800-SWEEEPER have the personnel and the equipment to see that your parking lot sweeping or street sweeping job is done right, 24/7, 365 days a year. Interested in learning more about the Premier Alliance of Power Sweeping Service providers? Click or call 1-800-SWEEEPER for a consultation or quote today!