Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Snow & Ice Management:
Thesing Property Services, LLC an affiliate of Thesing Power Sweeping, Inc. provides comprehensive and dependable Snow & Ice Management services for office buildings, retail sites, shopping centers, industrial sites, roadways, parking lots, and much more. Thesing also provides the Surfacing services needed to prepare your paved lots and roadways to remain safe despite the challenges of the winter months.

During snow emergencies our equipment and manpower is always ready to handle the toughest storms. We monitor the weather far in advance of and during storms. This allows us to provide necessary de-icing and timely snow clearing, so you, your clients, and employees can open for business safely.

Thesing provides packaged Snow & Ice solutions to maintain a clean, safe and accessible facility throughout the winter season. Our reliable services include:

  • Snow plowing and clearing
  • Ice management of roads and parking areas
  • De-icing walkways with calcium chloride
  • Pretreatment with de-icing materials
  • Hauling of snow
  • Containment snow pushers
  • Loaders, backhoes and skid steers
  • Up to the minute snow forecast data
  • In-house on site supervision
  • Direct contact with property managers and owners
  • And much more….

Become a Snow Provider:
Thesing Companies self performs a large majority of the services that we offer. Due to the nature of some snow storm events, we may require the assistance of subcontractors to assure our timely arrival on sites and to help us with very large snow accumulation events. Thesing provides an in-house manager for each and every site to oversee and supervise our trucks and equipment, as well as our subcontractor’s equipment.

If you have access to snow removal equipment listed below, and would like to partner with Thesing as a service provider, please contact Pete Haran at 888-896-1616 or

  • Wheel loaders w/operator
  • Back hoes w/operator
  • ATV with plows w/operator
  • Containment snow pushers from 8’ to 18’
  • Skid steer loaders w/ operators
  • 8’, 8.5’ & 9’ plow trucks w/operator
  • Truck & salt spreader w/operator
  • Snow blower w/operator
  • Shovel crews