Mechanical Broom Rentals

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  • Short and long-term Elgin® Broom Bear® mechanical broom rentals are available

What is a Mechanical Broom or Street Sweeper?

A mechanical broom or a street sweeper is a vehicle designed to clean streets, roads, and other paved surfaces. It typically consists of a truck or other large vehicle with a sweeping mechanism mounted on the underside. The sweeping mechanism may be a set of brushes, a vacuum system, or a combination of both. Street sweepers are used to remove debris such as dirt, leaves, litter, and other trash from the surface of the road. They are also used to remove pollutants such as oil, chemicals, and other hazardous materials that can accumulate on the road surface. Street sweepers play an important role in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of our streets and highways, and they are commonly used in cities and towns around the world.

Are you interested in our Street Sweeper or Mechanical Broom rentals? Do you need to rent a mechanical broom or street sweeper,  long or short-term? Contact us today for availability and details about renting an Elgin® Broom Bear® mechanical broom or street sweeper.

The Elgin® Broom Bear® Overview

The Elgin® Broom Bear® four-wheel mechanical (broom) sweeper is the epitome of durability and longevity. It boasts unparalleled efficiency, making it the top choice on the market. The sweeper is mounted on a commercially available conventional or cab-over chassis, complete with fully dualized controls (single-steer optional) and an intelligent single-engine design that utilizes the chassis engine to power the sweeper. The Elgin Broom Bear features a large hopper and water tank, which translates to more productive sweeping time. Its single-engine design ensures minimal maintenance or the need for replacement sweeper… Read more