Mechanical Broom Street Sweeping

  • Home developers/builders
  • Construction sites
  • Milling and paving contractors
  • Industrial sites
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Recycling plants
  • Municipalities
  • Commercial properties
  • Homeowners association

What is Mechanical Broom Street Sweeping?

Mechanical Broom Street Sweeping is a cleaning process that involves the use of a specially designed truck-mounted broom to sweep and collect debris from the surface of the street. The broom is made up of bristles that rotate at high speed and sweep the debris from the street onto a conveyor belt that carries it to a collection bin. This process is commonly used by municipalities to keep the streets clean and free of debris, such as leaves, dirt, and litter. Street Sweeping is an effective way to prevent debris from accumulating in the gutters and clogging the stormwater drainage system.

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